Music Notation
Description of Services offered by Warren Music Copying

All sheet music is meticulously prepared by me (Josh Warren) using Finale
Notation Software.  Accuracy is absolutely guaranteed and any mistakes present
in the final product will be corrected at no additional charge.  

During the project, you and I will be in contact via telephone and/or e-mail in case
you have any changes you wish to make or if I have any questions regarding your

Warren Music Copying is prepared to provide any of the following services:

Engraving Handwritten Scores
Creating Parts for an Already Prepared Score
Transposing Music to a Different Key
Transcribing Music for a Different Instrument
Editing Already Prepared Scores
Creating Examples for Textbooks and Academic Papers
Arranging Works for Different Instrumentation
(ex. Creating a Piano Reduction of a String Quartet)

If you are in need of any of the services listed above, please visit the
Contact page, fill out the short form, and we will get to working on your project.