For typical projects, pricing is calculated from the lower of either $35/hr. or a set per-
page rate (see table below for per-page rates).  This means that if I receive a 10-page
flute solo that takes me 3 hours to complete, the price is $105 because that is less
than the total of the per-page rate, which would have been $125.  However, if the
project takes me 4 hours to complete, the price would be $125 as that is less than the
$140 hourly-rate.  Any necessary corrections are done free-of-charge.

Per-Page Pricing Rates

  • Full-Score Page - $27.50
  • Small Ensemble (Duos, Trios, Quartets, Quintets) Page - $15.00
  • Solo Instrument with Piano Accompaniment Page - $16.00
  • Solo Piano Page - $15.00
  • Solo Guitar Page (with or without tab) - $15.00
  • Single-Line Page - $12.50
  • Single-line Parts Extracted from a Completed Score Page - $7.00
  • Piano Parts Extracted from a Completed Score Page - $8.00
  • Guitar Part with Tab Added Extracted from a Completed Score Page - $8.00

Add $1.50 per page if the page includes lyrics
Add $1.00 per page for part extraction pages if the score was prepared by someone
else (not Warren Music Copying)

Note: Per-page rates are based on the finished project, not the original music sent to
me.  The reason for this is due to the large discrepancy in the size of different people's
handwriting.  People who write very small can fit 2-3 pages worth of music onto a
single page, while others write so large that I can fit 2-3 pages of their music onto a
single page.  Therefore, basing the price on the finished product is the most fair
practice for both my customers and myself.

Additional Version Fees
The following fees apply to projects that include multiple versions of the same piece of
music (such as having a piece transposed to three different keys).  The percentage
listed represents the increase to the maximum per-page pricing and does not affect
the per-hour pricing at all.

  • Additional transpositions - 10% of total project
  • Additional instrumentations - 20% of total project
  • Additional versions with extensive differences - 50% of total project
(ex. A solo violin part with two different sets of bowings)


Add 50% to the project's total per-page price for creation of an arrangement from a
marked up score (ex. Taking a piano solo and arranging it for a brass quintet after the
client has specified exactly which notes go to which instrument for the entire piece).
This does not affect the hourly pricing rate in any way.

Add 25% to the project's total per-page price if the score has to be created in an older
version of Finale.  Currently, projects can be created in Finale 2007, 2008, or 2009 at
the request of the customer.  Otherwise,  projects will be done in Finale 2011.

Under the following conditions, pricing is calculated only by the $25/hr. rate, which
means that the per-page prices do not apply.
  • Pieces of extremely high notational complexity (ex. graphic notation)
  • Musical Examples for textbooks or research papers
  • Editing already completed projects (that were done by a different copyist)
  • Arranging (without specific instructions)


Payment (I accept bother personal and cashier's checks, cash, and PayPal) is due at
the completion of the project.  Unless you specifically request otherwise, the
completed project will be e-mailed to you as both PDF and (upon request) Finale files
after payment has been received.  If graphic notation required the use of Adobe
Photoshop for the project, Photoshop files will also be sent at the request of the client.