Music Notation
About Warren Music Copying

Warren Music Copying was born out of both necessity and favorable
circumstances.  It started when I was in college studying both Music
Performance and Composition.  I was taking upper-level music theory
courses that required creating scores (some original, some arrangements) for
various instrumentation (from single-line to full orchestra).  I already had a
large amount of experience using Finale, so that was the program that I used
to create all of my class projects.  In doing all of this, I quickly learned all of the
various intricacies of the program that I needed in order to create truly
professional looking products.  My professors started noticing the quality of
the work that I was turning in and, soon, I had various professors asking me to
copy their original scores into Finale and to "make it look good".  As word
continued to spread, I soon had music copying projects ranging from
transcribing an Ave Maria to a different key to creating musical examples for
textbooks (published by Oxford Press).  Somewhere around there is when
Warren Music Copying officially came to be.